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Film director / Screenwriter / Novelist

Welcome to my creative world, where curiosity and creativity merge.

My journey through pedagogy, leadership, and media communication, enriched by a deep interest in organizational psychology and film storytelling, has always been driven by the desire to express myself through writing, film production, and photography, with an eye for capturing fleeting moments and telling touching stories. This website is my digital space to share thoughts, works, and inspirations, designed as a timeless window into my creative universe.


Throughout my career, storytelling, acting, film, creativity, and personal and professional development have been the keywords. I've always aimed to be in a constant process of improvement within my areas of passion. Storytelling has been a central part of my life, evident in my crime novel publication and practical experience as a theater and film director. With many years of teaching experience, I've managed to combine practical experience with a theoretical and academic approach.

My career has also focused on developing people through leadership, pedagogy, and education, believing these aspects are fundamental for promoting individual and collective growth.


With over 20 years of experience in theater and film, both professionally and within association life, I've gained extensive experience as a performer, teacher, and artistic leader. I am a registered professional film director and have a degree in scriptwriting from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), along with two diploma degrees.

My strengths lie in leadership, teaching, motivation, and creative communication. I possess extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in pedagogy and leadership, enabling me to inspire and develop others through my projects and teaching.

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